Using an Escrow Service to cancel your Timeshare is a smart thing to do.

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What is Escrow and why is it so important?

Escrow is a third-party holding account that keeps your money safe while the timeshare exit service is being completed. If the timeshare exit service is not completed as promised, you can get your money back directly from the escrow account company. This can be an option for some clients who are more skeptical of the Resort Advisory Group process.
This is why we recommend only working with timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow payment option.

Escrow VS 100% Money Back Guarantee Scams

Many timeshare exit companies offer a “100% money-back guarantee,” but that doesn’t really mean anything at all. Any company can make big promises and then fall through on them later. This is why you should always work with a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option. The escrow company is separate from the timeshare exit company.
An escrow service protects both the timeshare owner and the timeshare exit company. The timeshare owner is protected by knowing their money is only released to the timeshare exit company after their timeshare is cancelled. The timeshare exit company is protected by knowing the timeshare owner will pay for the timeshare cancellation service after the timeshare has been cancelled.

Our Story

Our leadership team has more than 100 years experience of working in the timeshare Industry.
Our team at Resort Advisory Group works to cancel contracts with unscrupulous timeshare developers. We collaborate with specialists and attorneys who assess contracts to determine whether the developer has been compliant with all rules and regulations governing timeshare agreements. Then we seek relief for our customers, ending their timeshare obligations.


Client Testimonials

“I must say that these people are wonderful!! They came to our rescue after being tricked and trapped in a developer contract. Bonnie or Aurora called and emailed us faithfully every week until this nightmare was over. They even called to wish us Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!! I understand that these people do this for a paycheck, but they have a heart of gold doing it. If these people are willing to help and you need it, I highly recommend that you meet with these people.”

– Alaina Wallace N.

“My husband and I were sure that we were “stuck” with our timeshare. Needless to say RAG took over and gave us the constant encouragement to help us stay strong while they worked their magic. It’s not instant but they call, send emails and stay in touch with you at least every ten days. They fight for your like it was their money. Thank you my friends for rescuing our retirement. I want to make a trip to California to meet these people in person. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

– Bonnie McGill

Did You Know

85% of all timeshare buyers regret their purchase, citing reasons including money, fear and confusion, intimidation, and distrust.

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